Apinya Thai Food Co.

Est. 2555, Virginia, USA


Inspired by a simple, perfectly balanced dipping sauce Apinya made Adam for dinner one night, we went to work the next day aiming to share Thai flavors with the world. Unsatisfied with vinegar-based hot sauces, we thought it was time to make a line of premium chili sauces using fresh vegetables and spices as the base. All our products are either modern twists on Thai traditions or fusions of world cuisines with Thai influences. We made it our mission to create foods using our ideals: whenever possible…

Don’t Copy

What’s the point in making yet another sriracha sauce or pineapple habanero vinegar? Create foods that are totally original while embodying Thai culture and our experiences.

Support Local,
Embrace Global

We love partnering with local, small businesses because we are one ourselves. But inspiration can come from anywhere in the world, and Thailand really does grow the best coconuts.

Use Food Science,
Not Food Myth

We don’t sell snake oil, but more importantly, we don’t buy it. Use advantages in food science and reject food trends, myths, and pseudoscience.

Choose Quality
Over Quickness

Starting from scratch is a Thai thing. Use natural, raw ingredients and stem, cut, cook, dry, boil, and blend them ourselves instead of using pre-processed ingredients. Don’t ever use any fake colors or flavors.


Hot in the Press


Northern Virginia Magazine Print 6.1.16
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“on first bite you just want to spread this stuff all over some chicken and vegetables”

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“what really distinguishes it is the ginger, the real difference-maker…a great way to add more than just heat when you’re cooking.”

The Little Foxes 12.18.13

The News Update 10.30.13
CBS WUSA 9 News 10.17.13
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The Gourmet Retailer Print 8.19.13

“not all sauces are created equal, and Apinya’s stand out…[they] top our list of must-tries”

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“tastes like the lost ingredient in classic Thai dishes and, in truth, anything else that needs a punch of spice”

Washington Post Express Print 11.16.12




Vietnamese-inspired food truck PhoWheels created a limited edition Thai Sausage Taco made with Apinya Pumpkin Panang Thai Chili Sauce.


In May 2014 we worked with Mantry to stock their “Thai Game” crate of curated American-made foods.


As a value-added food maker we want to give food back to the underprivileged community. We have donated to Food For All DC and DC Central Kitchen.

Mad Momos

In April 2013 we teamed up with Mad Momos, a Himalayan fusion restaurant in DC, to introduce our Thai Basil Aji and Coconut Harissa flavors.


The head chef of Kushi in DC added a spicy snow crab tempura roll to the menu, made with Apinya Thai Chili Sauce.

Timber Pizza Co.

In February 2015 Timber Pizza Co. crafted “The Apinya,” a brick-oven pizza with Pumpkin Panang chili sauce, coconut milk, red peppers, onions, and panang-marinated grilled chicken.